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    Friday, December 9, 2016
    Saturday, December 10, 2016
    Sunday, December 11, 2016
    Tuesday, December 13, 2016

    Campus Announcements

    Students: New Date for Outbound and Inbound Shuttle Service During Winter Break

    Outbound transportation is now available for Thursday, December 15! Inbound transportation will be on Tuesday, January 24, 2017. The University provides outbound shuttle service when the residence halls close to Greyhound Bus terminal, Amtrak, Peter Pan/Bonanza Bus Terminal and TF Green Airport and the New London Ferry. Reservations are required. Complete the online Outbound and Inbound transportation forms.

    Outbound transportation departs from the Main Shuttle Shelter when residence halls are closing. Full details are available at 

    Inbound Shuttle Transportation pick-up order is as follows when there is a school break (usually on the Sunday after the break): Shuttle pick up order: (1) TF Green, (2) Peter Pan/Bonanza Bus Station, (3) Amtrak, (4) Greyhound Bus terminal. Allow approximately 20 minutes from TF Green to the next pickup and approximately 10 minutes between the other stops. When there are no scheduled pickups at a terminal the shuttle does not stop.

    Inbound transportation for students enrolled in intersession will be available by email to for scheduled pick-up only when the Residence Halls open and before the first day of class.

    Reservations are required for all Inbound and Outbound transportation when there is a university closing.


    How to Use PDQ@RWU As Your Own Resource

    Do you have an event on campus that you want people to know about? Or have an announcement to share with the RWU campus community?

    As a part of the Roger Williams community, PDQ@RWU is your resource to post university events and announcements that have broad appeal to the primary audiences on campus – students, faculty and staff. Events and announcements on PDQ@RWU are user generated – which means it’s up to you to add your event to the calendar or submit an announcement.

    Events must be open to attendance by anyone in the RWU community, and in some cases, the greater public. A campus announcement must be informational in nature and intended for the campus community.

    Not all events and announcements, however, will qualify for publication. For example, because club meetings represent a small audience on campus, those are not published to the University Events calendar; and solicitations via campus announcements are not accepted.

    So how do you know if you should submit an event or a campus announcement?

    Whether it’s a pep rally, art show or lecture hosted by an academic department, if it takes place on campus at a scheduled time and date, then it’s an event. Submit an event listing here to ensure that your event will appear on the University Events calendar and in the appropriate edition of the PDQ Pulse. (For more on the PDQ Pulse, read here.)

    A campus announcement is a vehicle to send messages to the RWU community. It’s a way to inform students about a Fulbright Fellowship opportunity or an on-campus internship or work-study position. To update the campus community when a facility’s regularly scheduled hours of operation will change, or communicate the deadline for submitting study abroad applications. Campus announcements can be submitted here for inclusion on both the Campus Announcements page of PDQ@RWU and for one-time publication in the PDQ Pulse.

    Now that you know, submit your events and announcements today! For more on the policies and guidelines, read here.